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Advanced materials for your project - from a world leader in silicon carbide technology.

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Ceramics, Coatings, Polymers, Elastomers, Metals.

We produce products for your industry.

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Advanced Composite Materials, LLC is a materials company. Our core business is single crystal metal carbide technology, and in particular, silicon carbide whiskers, which are often called nanotubes. Our materials are used to reinforce and toughen ceramics and polymers. more


Our materials have a wide range of applicability, from ceramics, to polymers, to metal matrix composites. Our products impart toughness and durability, and survive in the most challenging environments. Applications include ceramic cutting tools, wear resistant technical ceramics, and polymer and ceramic coatings. more


Questions? Issues needing clarification? Our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Section is the place to start. And if that does not work, contact us directly by phone or e-mail. We will respond quickly. We believe in consultative work with our customers. We will get you to your endpoint fast. more

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